Dear Wesley Club Community,


This is a really stressful, scary, and uncertain time.  Each of us is experiencing various forms of loss: loss safety, spring-quarter plans, of jobs, personal-connections, classes and oh so much more.  And each of us, I’d wager, are trying to find ways to cope with it all and make life in a pandemic life-giving.


As we proceed next week into a virtual Spring Quarter, Wesley Club refuses to cease embodying the Good News that everyone is loved beyond measure by one without measure.  The student fellows, Sam (our Director of Empathy Dopeness), and I are excited to build versions of our typical lives together in a stay-at-home world.  Brainstorming has already begun and more is yet to come as we imagine how to support the academic, social, emotional, spiritual, and justice-seeking lives of our community.  And we will need your help, as part owners of this community to do it! 


As you likely expected, until further notice, the Wesley Club space is closed and all in-person programs are canceled.  But Wesley is a people, not a program nor a place.  You can’t cancel or close a people!

Together we will find Joy and nothing less on The Way; we will be each other’s blessings; we will see loss, isolation and anxiety scattered; and we will find Light that guides us and countless others all the way to a wide, wide world of hope.


Martin Saunders, MDiv

Campus Minister and Executive Director of the Wesley Foundation of Seattle