Open and affirming of LGBTQIA people, The Wesley Club is committed to exploring questions of faith, justice, and community.  As a student run organization, we partner together to develop richer senses of self in community, deeper relationships with God, and more active lives of justice.

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Kids with Capes

The Revelations

Wesley Club's Newest Team of Super Heroes
The Courtness Monster

Powers: Go with the flow attitude, super at MarioKart, cool jackets

Job Title: Communications and Outreach Fellow

I am The Courtness Monster. I defeat my enemies by destroying them in games of MarioKart Wii. This is how I've defeated my arch-nemesis, Party Anna-mal, many times. When I'm not out vanquishing my villains, you can find me studying mechanical engineering at UW by the name of Courtney (she/her). In my free time, I like to paint random pieces of furniture that I find blank space on in my lair. I love places where I am free to reveal my superhero identity, like the Wesley Club. I am excited to start this year at Wesley. The club is full of all kinds of superheroes and each of them hold such unique, special powers. Together, we fight all kinds of demons in ourselves and in the world.

Jolly Jack

Powers: Bringing people joy

Job Title: Advocacy and Activism Fellow

Hey! I’m Jolly Jack and I’m here to bring the members of Wesley Club joy no matter what else is happening. I’m a junior at UW studying Biology, and I’m hoping to be a professor so I can bring students joy for my whole life! My favorite way to bring joy is being there for people all the time, I’m always available for a call or just to sit on zoom with someone who needs some company. Outside of bringing people joy I enjoy drawing, obsessing over fictional characters, and fighting for justice. I came to Wesley planning to stay for an hour and I wound up sleeping there, what a first impression I must have made, but since Wesley has brought me so much joy I decided to become a superhero and give some of that joy back to the world by working at Wesley this year.

The Wisp

Powers: Flying, Talking to Insects

Job Title: Music and Storytelling Fellow

When I’m not masquerading as the Wisp or chilling with my sidekick Charles the Scutelleridae Pentatomomorpha (Rainbow Shield Bug), my alter-ego is Nora (she/her pronouns), a mostly mild-mannered but rather sarcastic student at UW. I study Biochemistry and German and am a co-director for Unleashed A Capella. When taking a break from super-heroing and studying I work as a river guide in the summers and love to raft, climb, hike and generally be outdoors. During COVID, I’ve been playing a lot of music, everything from pop covers to bluegrass. I feel most welcome in places that laugh a lot, especially at themselves, but do so in a way that makes everyone feel included in their inside jokes. I’m a vegetarian except for Costco chicken bakes, which I refuse to be ashamed about.

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The Party Anna-mal

Powers: Talks to animals, Defends the earth, Parties like there’s no tomorrow, makes enemies pee themselves laughing

Job Title: Community Connections Project Lead

When I’m not raising baby raccoons or lighting up a party with my standup routine, I’m studying dance and biology here at the uw and going by the name Anna (she/her). All of us here at Wesley are fighting against Covid, the super villain that’s changed our lives and kept me from my parties, but in the meantime, I’m working to keep our community alive, active, and focused on what matters. I’ve even teamed up with my arch nemesis, the dreaded Courtness Monster, to fight the biggest evil of our lives. I haven’t put my other fight on hold, though. With the help of my friends at Wesley I fight climate, racial, and economic injustice every day. My fight for a better world never ends.

Super Sam

Powers: Super Empathy and Intelligence

Job Title: Associate Campus Minister


Greetings! How are you? My name is Super Sam (a.k.a. Sam Koekkoek), and my preferred pronouns are he/him/his. This is my second year on staff at The Wesley Club, and I am currently in my 4th and final year as a Master of Divinity student at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. When I'm not fulfilling my duties as a superhero, I enjoy watching TV and movies, discovering new music, and reading. In order to stay mentally and spiritually well in the age of COVID-19, I try to make it a priority to go on socially distanced walks and hikes with friends, sing, play music, and dance. An interesting fact about me is that I built a tiny house and lived in it for the last 3 years!

Galaxy Goose

Powers: Super Honk-Laugh, Abilitiy to Explorer and Guide of Unseen Worlds

Job Title: Executive Director / Campus Minister

Walking as a mild-manner, blazer-wearing dad by day, I traverse the galaxies of a thousand fantastical worlds by night.  As the leader of the Revelations, I guide others through the unseen worlds as they labor to come into being.  Whenever my arch-nemesis—a mysterious dehumanizing force known as The Glooming Exclusion—appears, my Super Honk-Laugh knocks my foe back and frees its prisoners.  As my alter ego, Martin Saunders, I nerd out on fantasy and sci-fi novels, elaborate board games, folk and jam-band music, gourmet cooking, and hiking with my unsuspecting partner, Karina, and son, Eloy. I have a BA in English, Masters in Divinity, and lots of silly ideas like Super-Hero themed bios for the website.