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Open and affirming of LGBTQIA people, The Wesley Club is committed to exploring questions of faith, justice, and community.  As a student run organization, we partner together to develop richer senses of self in community, deeper relationships with God, and more active lives of justice.

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Kids with Capes

The Revelations

Wesley Club's Newest Team of Super Heroes
Jolly Jack

Powers: Bringing people joy

Job Title: Advocacy and Activism Fellow

Hey! I’m Jolly Jack and I’m here to bring the members of Wesley Club joy no matter what else is happening. I’m a junior at UW studying Biology, and I’m hoping to be a professor so I can bring students joy for my whole life! My favorite way to bring joy is being there for people all the time, I’m always available for a call or just to sit on zoom with someone who needs some company. Outside of bringing people joy I enjoy drawing, obsessing over fictional characters, and fighting for justice. I came to Wesley planning to stay for an hour and I wound up sleeping there, what a first impression I must have made, but since Wesley has brought me so much joy I decided to become a superhero and give some of that joy back to the world by working at Wesley this year.

Wesley Bio.jpg
The Wisp

Powers: Flying, Talking to Insects

Job Title: Music and Storytelling Fellow

When I’m not masquerading as the Wisp or chilling with my sidekick Charles the Scutelleridae Pentatomomorpha (Rainbow Shield Bug), my alter-ego is Nora (she/her pronouns), a mostly mild-mannered but rather sarcastic student at UW. I study Biochemistry and German and am a co-director for Unleashed A Capella. When taking a break from super-heroing and studying I work as a river guide in the summers and love to raft, climb, hike and generally be outdoors. During COVID, I’ve been playing a lot of music, everything from pop covers to bluegrass. I feel most welcome in places that laugh a lot, especially at themselves, but do so in a way that makes everyone feel included in their inside jokes. I’m a vegetarian except for Costco chicken bakes, which I refuse to be ashamed about.

Galaxy Goose two.png
Galaxy Goose

Powers: Super Honk-Laugh, Abilitiy to Explorer and Guide of Unseen Worlds

Job Title: Executive Director / Campus Minister

Walking as a mild-manner, blazer-wearing dad by day, I traverse the galaxies of a thousand fantastical worlds by night.  As the leader of the Revelations, I guide others through the unseen worlds as they labor to come into being.  Whenever my arch-nemesis—a mysterious dehumanizing force known as The Glooming Exclusion—appears, my Super Honk-Laugh knocks my foe back and frees its prisoners.  As my alter ego, Martin Saunders, I nerd out on fantasy and sci-fi novels, elaborate board games, folk and jam-band music, gourmet cooking, and hiking with my unsuspecting partner, Karina, and son, Eloy. I have a BA in English, Masters in Divinity, and lots of silly ideas like Super-Hero themed bios for the website.

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