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Open and affirming of LGBTQIA people, The Wesley Club is committed to exploring questions of faith, justice, and community.  As a student run organization, we partner together to develop richer senses of self in community, deeper relationships with God, and more active lives of justice.

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We are a crazy mix of people, with a wide range of faith-backgrounds, beliefs, practices, gender expressions, and sexualities.  We are united by a desire to care for others, and be cared for while asking tough questions and laughing loudly. Broadly speaking, we all fall somewhere on a spectrum of these three categories.

Progressive Christians

Some of us grew up in progressive Christian contexts.  We grew up Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, or in other mainline churches.  We want to deepen our faith, ask good questions and journey onward.

People Leaving Conservative Churches

Some of us are leaving politically and theologically conservative contexts, where either we just didn't fit in or experienced trauma because of who we are. What we heard and saw there never quite squared with our understanding of God or of love.  We are looking for a community to fully belong, safe place to question, and some real clarity about what good there might be in this Christian thing.

Spiritual But Not Religious

Some of us either grew up in a home with no religion or who have left the tradition(s) of our upbringing.  We are not religious and not looking to change that.  We are looking for a community that is authentic, caring and reflective—a place without the prerequisites of faith or doctrine, where our skepticism and commitments are neither threats nor threatened.

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